Custom-made company office chairs 6 adjustable features, you know how many?

Fri May 27 2022 Vanna Ye

We are convinced that we are no strangers to office chairs. Whether it is in the company or enterprise, there are some office chairs in the office. Office chairs are the center of the company's office environment. The chair should not only be comfortable, and also be able for long-term safety and practical down. The selection of comfortable office chairs is important because it is an essential project investment for the company. Thus, understanding how to choose the right office chair is very critical, together with a look at the 6 adjustable functions of the custom company office chair.

1. Adjustable function

A good office chair not only sits comfortably but also has a high degree of freedom in both directions. The adjustable range is relatively large. As each person's height and body type is different, the height of the table is also different, in the choice of custom office furniture company office chairs, choose adjustable chairs. Adjustable features are mainly reflected in the height, armrests, and back of the chair.

2. Height adjustment

If you use it yourself, choose an office chair that can be lifted, usually with an air lever lift. The quality of the air pump is very important, so you must have a safety certification. The height of the chair is adjusted according to the working height of the table. The better effect of the adjustment is that the elbow is just above the desk, the feet are easily placed on a flat surface when sitting, and the angle between the thighs and feet is kept at about 90 degrees.

3. Adjust the lumbar support

Most of the current ergonomic office chairs have lumbar support, which can be divided into adjustable and non-adjustable two, choose a flexible and adjustable lumbar support, so that both ambulatory writing and relaxation, can allow us to play a good role in supporting the lumbar spine; lumbar support position adjustable mainly for different body and physique of the population, custom office furniture company can meet the needs of different groups of people on the office chair.

4. The adjustment of the armrests

In long-term office work, we need to adjust different postures to relieve the pressure of maintaining the same posture for a long time. The adjustment of the armrests can reduce the pressure on the shoulders, support the strength of the upper limbs and reduce the burden on the intervertebral discs. When adjusting the appropriate height of the armrest, you can let the shoulders hang down.

5. Cushion

When we use the office chair, most of the pressure is concentrated in the buttocks, and part of the pressure is borne by the thighs. To reduce the pressure on the nerves and blood vessels in the buttocks, the cushion must conform to the curve of the buttocks and thighs. The cushion must be from top to bottom, from front to back, the distance should be appropriate. Cushion material is mainly divided into mesh, mesh cotton, and PU, different materials have different characteristics. Pacific too hard cushion will damage the spine, too soft and too thick chair will affect the blood circulation of the legs. Soft and breathable cushions are a better choice.

6. Back

The back of the chair is one of the more important positions in the office chair. First of all, the back of the chair must fit the human spine, evenly distribute weight, relieve the pressure on the waist, and slow down the pressure point and heat accumulation. The backrest is S-shaped to support the lumbar region, and the entire lumbar spine is in line with the forward convexity, so sitting for a long time will not be very tired. The back of the lumbar should have support, flexibility, and toughness. Back angle adjustable office chair is the ideal choice.

Custom-made company office chairs 6 adjustable features, you know how many?