How to pick the office chair? Use 3 major purchase focus judgment!

Wed May 25 2022 Vanna Ye

From the "chair material" to choose: fabric, leather, or mesh?

Mesh ventilation and breathable, very suitable for the weather in hot summer areas

office chairs often use "fabric" material, the advantage is cheap but easy to become dirty, and accidentally overturned things are also very difficult to wipe. Recently, many professionally oriented office chairs will choose breathable "mesh" material, the advantage of easy ventilation, good flexibility, and support, but also easy to clean. Positioned in the top office supplies in the "leather" category of goods have the characteristics of dirt and wear resistance, and the appearance of a mature look, but easy to feel stuffy, more suitable for placing in the cool room.

According to the "chair-style" to see

The design of the chair is also the key to purchase

Before buying a home office chair, you need to confirm the place of placement, for example, in a spacious study, or a temporary bedroom to transform a workspace, to choose a moderate size, that does not show a sense of oppression style. A good office chair can accompany itself for several years, so in the color, shape, and other appearance conditions, if you can match the interior style, the overall home environment will be more coordinated.

Additional features are also very important

The height can be adjusted, and the feel of the armrests is also important

Everyone's height is different, to maintain a good sitting posture, you must also adjust the height of the office chair with the table, the general office chair almost all have the function of adjusting the height, recommended when buying, you can also pay attention to other fine-tuning functions, such as the head, neck, and back tilt angle, whether it can be adjusted by the body type, with or without lumbar cushion, armrests can be removed, rotated, etc., can be listed in the evaluation criteria. In addition, the market has some models with footrests, which can significantly improve the comfort of the work and leisure dual needs of people must be included in the reference!

How to pick the office chair? Use 3 major purchase focus judgment!