Note that these 6 factors will be able to choose the right office chair for you!

Mon May 23 2022 Vanna Ye

The price of a mesh office chair is as little as one hundred, more than ten thousand, and with that comes a wide range of materials, processes, functions, and brands. In the budget you can afford, willing to bear, we recommend that you make a perceptive choice from the following six aspects.

Sitting position

An important role of the seat is whether it can help the user to adjust to a better sitting posture, as long as the correct sitting posture, to make sedentary damage to the body to a lower level.

It is recommended to choose a backrest slightly backward chair, better to choose the height of the chair, backrest height and tilt can be adjusted chair. The height is appropriate, the lower limbs naturally sag, feet flat on the ground, knees slightly higher than the hip joint, hips back, the body slightly back, quietly lean on the back of the chair, so that the lower body and leg angle remains under 135 degrees. Sitting posture will approximate the natural composition of the standing "S" type.

Sitting height: office chair sitting height of 450-550mm is more appropriate. Sitting width: ordinary greater than 380mm, armchair not less than 460mm. sitting depth: sitting depth 400-440mm. sitting surface and backrest inclination: inclination should not be too large, can be 4-6 °, the whole inclination 95 ° -100 °. Backrest height: ordinary in the shoulder blade along the lower edge is appropriate. Waist with lumbar cushion, to 250mm is appropriate. Chair cushion: If the sitting surface with a soft and hard cushion, it can increase the contact support area, so that the pressure evacuation.


The cost of a good office chair cushion is still very high, a good cushion not only needs to be flexible and not soft or hard, and to have a concave curve, and a good sense of sitting. And some of the senior office chair cushions have a "memory" function, which will be based on the user's sitting position and the body's skeletal muscle structure active conditioning, and this conditioning after storage, the chair becomes your public seat.


The backrest of the office chair is concerned about the warm sense of leaning and safety, the backrest is not the more significant the better, and no double backrest is good. The backrest angle should be able to maintain the neck, waist, shoulders, hips, and other stress points and stress surface.

The same as the cushion, many mesh office chairs on the market began to use mesh to manufacture the backrest, due to the superior breathability of mesh, and flexibility. The premise of all this lies in the quality of the mesh fabric.


Each person's height, weight, leg length, and waist-length are not the same, to make the seat reach a comfortable posture, you need the chair to have relatively good conditioning. This conditioning performance, adjustable headrest, backrest, armrests, cushions, etc., not only adjust the height but also adjust the tilt angle.

Of course, the strengthening of the reasoning also brings safety risks. Office chairs can adjust the height of the air pressure rod due to the quality of the explosion of many examples, and office chairs explode with a large impulse beyond imagination. So when we choose office chairs, to be adjustable while thinking about safety, poor quality office chairs' air pressure rod may be a stealth bomb.

The chassis

The volatility of the chassis or not, the choice is very important, it is known that the heavier the chassis, the more stable the chair is sitting up, and even half-lying does not matter. Good office chair chassis are taken from stainless steel or aluminum materials, while the poorer ones are taken from engineering plastic.

Chair feet

Four claw chair feet because the air area is small, volatility must be poor. Five claws of the air area are much larger than four claws, including the volatility of the chair. Of course, six claws are safer, but the defect is that the foot movement is not convenient, easy to hit the foot. So most of the chairs on the market are mostly five-pronged.

Note that these 6 factors will be able to choose the right office chair for you!