Office chairs will not choose? An article allows you to easily find the right chair for you

Wed May 25 2022 Vanna Ye

How do choose the office chair for workers? It is estimated that after you see this problem will have a question, office chair what is good to choose, directly see like to buy not on the line? If you are also such an idea, it means that you do not know anything about chairs. Suggest that you continue to look down, after reading should have a feeling of wow, the original chair has so many doorways.

With the development of China's economy, more and more companies are now implementing 886, 996, or even 007, which means that people are working longer and longer hours of ambulation. And office sedentary will lead to a lumbar strain injury, cervical spondylosis, and some other occupational diseases. Although it is impossible to completely avoid such things, using a good office chair, is indeed possible to reduce the occurrence of these occupational diseases.

An excellent ergonomic chair can reduce cervical spondylosis, lumbar strain, and some other occupational diseases caused by a sedentary occurrence, so it is necessary to choose an ergonomic chair. The ergonomic design of the chair can better protect the neck, waist, and hips of the person seated, and can disperse the pressure from the body itself, so you can get a more comfortable sitting position.

As an ordinary user how to choose an ergonomic chair? After all, there are so many ergonomic chairs on the market, which configuration and design are in line with the standard of excellence? Here we will talk about those excellent standards on ergonomic chairs.

An excellent ergonomic chair can effectively help you relieve sedentary fatigue and improve work efficiency. It is more adjustable and comfortable than ordinary office chairs. Excellent ergonomic chairs in the headrest, lumbar support, cushion, back, armrests, air pressure bar, bottom support, etc. have the appropriate standards. When the more these criteria are met, the more excellent the chair is.

Excellent ergonomic chairs related standards

1, Headrest

The height and rotation of the headrest can be adjusted to allow the user's cervical spine to fit the headrest naturally. Standardize the sitting posture of the sitter, when the height of the headrest completely supports your cervical spine for the best position.

2, Cushion

Currently on the market chair cushion material is very much, there are leather, cloth, in short, a variety of materials. But for ergonomic chairs, the gas properties of good fiber mesh are more suitable. Mesh is more breathable and comfortable so that people do not get tired of sitting for a long time. At the same time, the depth and width of the chair size need to be correct, and the front edge of the chair to maintain the arc extended drape so that the chair and the hips fit better.

3, lumbar support

The best position for lumbar support is the third and fourth vertebrae, the entire back of the chair can be highly adjustable, easy, and simple to meet the needs of different users, and reduce the lumbar vertebrae to bear most of the body weight. The human back has a certain curvature, an S-shaped backrest can better match the human waist curve, to achieve the function of protecting the lumbar spine. So the degree of fit of the lumbar backrest is an important criterion for the lumbar backrest, while the angle of the lumbar backrest can also be adjusted, the waist will fit more closely to the chair. Even if it is sedentary, there will be no fatigue.

4, armrest

The armrest is a factor that is easy to be ignored by buyers, adjustable angle according to the backrest of the chair is the best configuration, so that the armrest allows users to get the most comprehensive arm support, and adjustable height can meet the different heights of people to use.

5, air pressure bar

Poor-quality air pressure bar often has a lack of nitrogen purity, air pressure bar material to substandard problems, it is easy to cause an explosion, and there is a huge potential risk to the user. Therefore, when choosing an office chair, we should pay attention to whether a chair's air pressure bar meets national safety specifications.

6, the bottom support

The main thing is to look at the material of the bottom support, using metal can withstand greater weight, and sturdiness is also better. The number of pulleys is also the standard for considering the good and bad of the chair, the best chair wheels are six to start, the chair will slide more smoothly, stability is also better, and the chair sliding process will not appear sideways.

Office chairs will not choose? An article allows you to easily find the right chair for you