What about ergonomic chairs? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Is it good?

Mon May 23 2022 Vanna Ye

What about ergonomic chairs? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Today, we will take you to understand.

First of all, the subject should not have too high expectations of ergonomic chairs, ergonomic chairs are directly help you correct your sitting posture, it is only based on your guaranteed sitting posture, to help you better maintain your sitting posture, so that your reliance on more comfortable, protect your lumbar spine, neck, back, reduce the discomfort brought about by sedentary, to correct sitting posture, the most important thing is that we still need to take the initiative to maintain the correct sitting posture.

Ergonomic chairs are auxiliary.

Although you can not let you eliminate cervical spondylosis, lumbar strain, intervertebral disc protrusion, frozen shoulder, and other diseases, but has a good quality ergonomic chair can greatly reduce the problems caused by sedentary, for your health escort.

I usually work is always on the computer, the work of the chair when sitting for a long time will be lumbar pain, neck pain, from time to time you need to stop to move, but especially affect the efficiency, the key I am also lazy, busy after moving a few back pain, and sometimes legs numb.

Work hard at noon want to take a break, but leaning against a stiff chair can not sleep, half awake half asleep to the afternoon still sleepy.

Work often has to be in front of the computer, has often sat legs numb, stiff neck, at first felt nothing, one day the key fell under the table, I bent down to pick up, slightly with the power, instantly feel the pain to the sky.

In front of money and health, I chose to spend "a lot of money" to buy a comfortable computer chair.

Later, when our company purchased a new office chair, the administrative lady also came to consult me.

In fact, in the choice of work chairs, you can see the cheap and expensive chairs sometimes look similar in appearance, so the choice is impossible to start, and the official functional description of the special terminology, how to see what function, so each I have analyzed his functional characteristics as well as advantages and disadvantages, I believe you can help you choose the right chair for you.

First, the meshwork chair

Functional characteristics.

Sitting can lie down, at a bank angle of up to 135 ° and the headrest, lumbar pillow, armrest, cushion, and backrest can be adjusted.

Comments: entry ergonomic chair, this is my frequent recommendation. Chair adjustability, adapt to different heights of people.

Sitting on the waist, the neck fit is very high, mesh fabric elasticity is good, and summer with breathability. My colleague bought this, lying on it during lunch break, the headrest is wide lunch break is also very comfortable.

Second, the boss chair work body chair

Black and white tone boss chair

Functional characteristics.

Chair back design: the back of the chair layered design, can give the back and waist very good cushioning.

Headrest: the headrest is filled with doll cotton, the neck can be a good fit
Back: support 160 degrees, with a footrest, lying than the bed at home is also comfortable

Advantages: support 160 degrees lying flat, and is a leather chair, is simply a lunch break artifact, for strong men, is simply a gospel, strong and high-quality requirements for a lunch break can get.

Disadvantages: leather chairs are less breathable, if the environment is often open-air conditioning or low temperature, you can consider getting them.

I bought two kinds of chairs, one in the company, the company chair sitting for a long time all kinds of pain, because the company often open the air conditioning, and I am used to lunch break lying down, so I chose to buy a leather chair, the other bought a mesh chair at home, weekend home, the need to use the computer when you use it, the neck and waist no longer before sitting for a long time sore feeling.

But remind everyone to sit for a long time or to get up and walk, after all, the body chair is to give us a guarantee, but if you buy a good chair, often sitting without exercise, it is not worth the loss.

What about ergonomic chairs? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Is it good?