What is the size of the executive chair? Choose the right size to make work more comfortable!

Mon May 30 2022 Vanna Ye

Work pressure is increasing so that many people not only psychologically tired, but also occupy part of the rest time, so the choice of suitable office appliances is also very important. Generally speaking, the use of frequent office furniture with desks and office chairs, the height between the two should also be the appropriate size, so it will be more conducive to people's office, so we have to decide when buying and selling according to the human body height and office habits. The executive chair is a common office appliance, not only its quality level is different, but also the size of the executive chair has its own rules, and the next together to understand it!

The executive chair is one of the many series of office furniture but also is currently used by more than one. In general, it will choose high-quality laminated leather and dual-function chassis, mahogany-colored chair feet, lined with iron frame support. The choice of custom high-strength hexagonal screws, plus the coating of aerospace special spot glue to increase the stability of the seat, will not easily tilt left and right. The central part has a tilt function, and the choice of a high-density sponge cushion increases the comfort of the human body. The use of air pressure lift adjustment settings, is in line with the design of the anatomical principles ahead of time.

Executive chairs are generally comfortable, if you work for a long time in front of the computer, the waist and neck can be rested and relaxed. Currently, on the market, the components of the executive chair and computer chair are basically similar, mainly rollers, chassis, air pressure lever, five claws, seat, and armrests.

Executive chair size

Overall height of about 100CM--120CM

Overall width 50CM--60CM

Cushion height from the ground between 40CM--60CM, can be adjusted according to the height of the user to lift

Armrest length 30CM--40CM

Executive chairs usually choose more leather, but not easy to breathe, the summer temperature is higher, and the best choice of mesh, and good breathability. In addition, there are different grades of executive chairs, so their price point will be relatively different, usually divided into three grades high, medium, and general. Different prices in the quality of the chair, style, and brand design are different, consumers can according to their own requirements and economic cost budget buy. The general price is usually below five hundred dollars, the medium price is probably between five hundred and one thousand dollars, and the price of the higher executive chairs is more than one thousand dollars, or even higher.

The above not only gives you a summary of the size of the executive chair but also summarizes the structural composition of the executive chair and grade price distinction, we will have some understanding after reading. Busy work will make the body overload, so we need to have a set of comfortable office appliances so that in the occasional free time can also be appropriate to relax and rest Oh!

What is the size of the executive chair? Choose the right size to make work more comfortable!