With the price difference of nearly ten times, ergonomic chairs why sell so expensive?

Tue May 24 2022 Vanna Ye

As young people gradually become the main consumer, some "spiritual pursuit" that was not favored in the past has gradually become a consideration in the daily purchase of mass consumers, and also led to the upgrading of consumption, so that everyone's consumption concept from the original "from nothing to have" upgrade to the current "from having to have". The popular smartwatches and noise-canceling headphones in recent years are the best examples of this. Under the concept of health concerns and hearing protection, smartwatches and noise-canceling headphones have gained public recognition in a very short period.

However, it is surprising that people seem to be only interested in hardware that can only indirectly develop healthy habits like smartwatches, but they seem to be less interested in the more serious problems of cervical and lumbar spine health. For example, when reading this line, how many people remember to straighten their backs, and how many people are hunched over their computers or cell phones?

Compared with the hot sales of smartwatches, and noise-canceling headphones, how many people will pay attention to their sitting posture, to prepare themselves for a real ergonomic chair that can improve their health?

Why do we need ergonomic chairs?

Many people may feel that the ergonomic chair is just an "IQ tax", but it is not worth the price, I also have many friends around me with the same idea. Observe their usual sitting position in front of the computer, it is not difficult to see why they think ergonomic chairs are a new type of IQ tax.

Some of them are in the posture of "paralyzed" in the chair, and can see the screen all by stretching their neck; some see the screen of the laptop, the whole person ambled on the table; some people are not suitable because of the degree of glasses, you need to come to the screen "smell the screen" because the vision problem took away the whole person's sitting posture. In general, the future will not have cervical, peri-shoulder, or lumbar spine problems, they simply do not care.

For them, the office chair design is ergonomic and is not important at all, even the backrest or armrests these parts can all be removed, as long as you leave a sitting board to sit on.

But if you pay a little attention to your spinal health, it is not difficult to find ergonomic chairs at the beginning of the design that is closely related to the human body structure: we stand, the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral can show a natural bending so that the upper body center of gravity to maintain a dynamic balance. But when we sit down, the pelvis tilts back with the sacrum will bring wear and tear to the lumbar spine, while the upper body's center of gravity shifts back so that we need to break the perfect balance of the spine, which is also the reason why we will subconsciously lean forward or backward after sitting down.

In other words, the ergonomic chair does not put "comfortable" in the first place. Then let you sit comfortably, ergonomic chair more hope to let you sit healthily.

The difference between ergonomic chairs and gaming chairs

See here, someone may feel strange: since the core of the ergonomic chair is support, why I do not go to buy a gaming chair? The same support problem, those who use the racing barrel chair design style of gaming chair, support is not stronger?

There is one to say that the support of the barrel chair is indeed strong, but while looking at the supportability of the gaming chair, we can not ignore the attendant drawback - wrapping. The reason why racing cars choose bucket chairs is indeed for support: motorsports in the violent acceleration may come from all directions, such as F1 drivers in the turn when the lateral acceleration can reach 6G, some time ago F1 driver Verstappen hit the wall is recorded as high as 51G impact acceleration. To fix the driver in the seat, seat manufacturers have significantly improved the seat wrapping, with a wrap-around design that will be tightly fixed in the seat, which is also the name of the bucket chair in the "bucket" from.

But the problem is that too much wrapping will compress our muscles while stimulating the natural physiological response so that we can not help but tighten the muscles to fight the pressure generated when the seat is wrapped. At the same time, the "squeeze" nature of the bucket chair will also keep us mentally tense. Weighing these disadvantages for racing drivers is not a problem, but for the usual game, it seems to be a little more than worth it. E-sports does not need the high G resistance of the barrel chair, and too strong wrapping will instead cause shoulder muscle tension, triggering shoulder discomfort, which is the biggest difference between the gaming chair and the ergonomic chair.

Ergonomic chair selection focus

So much, then how to pick the ergonomic chair? First of all, a suitable ergonomic chair needs to have just the right amount of lumbar and spinal support, so that we can sit down in the office to maintain a healthy spinal posture. At the same time, it should also relax other muscles as much as possible. In addition, to adjust the correct sitting posture, a good ergonomic chair also needs to have a certain range of adjustments, so that the various parts of the support structure can be adjusted according to the user's situation.

Finally is the safety, here refers to the safety is not only the bottom of the height adjustment of the gas column to be durable enough, the seat using the material will not cause allergies, the strength of the cut-off device can cover the user's weight is also where we need to pay attention.

With the price difference of nearly ten times, ergonomic chairs why sell so expensive?