What kind of office chair is suitable for fixed desks? How is it different from an ergonomic chair?

Fri May 27 2022 Vanna Ye

How much time you sit in the office a day, you should spend how much thought to choosing your office chair!
Observe your OA desk and OA office chairs, usually fixed (non-fixed desks such as lifting tables), then most of the time you almost have to sit on the office chair to work, long hours facing the computer, sedentary, if you can not create a more ergonomic environment, it can be imagined that will affect health.

This article will provide you with the correct posture of the office chair, and suitable for work when using the office chair shopping skills!

Everyone's body is different, so feel comfortable working height will be different, however, there are still a few basic principles that can provide office workers with reference, according to the Ministry of Labor Institute of Occupational Safety and Health published computer work desk and chair-size recommendations; there are standing desks, office chair height can be referred to. When using a computer in a sitting position, the line of sight to the computer screen is about 15-20 degrees downward angle for the best, and the choice of office chairs needs to be breathable, and the height of the chair cushion needs to meet the height of the calf, master the above principles, can reduce the body aches and pains brought about by sedentary office.

Many office workers have myths, see the sedentary chair recommended engineering chairs think you can stay away from back pain if the office chair sitting posture is not correct, even if they use of computer engineering chair, the pain will still find you!

The correct posture of the office chair, you "sit" on it?

According to the rehabilitation, the physician proposed the correct sitting posture recommendations as follows.

(1) seat when the chair needs to sit fully

Sitting in the office chair to sit well full, to relax the leg muscles, back against the ergonomic chair back, but also to avoid the burden of the spine caused by sitting for a long time, so that the waist suspended, the problem of pain will ensue.

(2) Is there enough support for the arms?

Shoulders in a relaxed position, the arms hang naturally and give enough support to the elbows, when the elbows are supported, shoulders are not over-lifted, is the height of your hands can easily and naturally do things on the table, the upper trapezius muscle does not need a long time to force, naturally and smoothly to complete the work.

(3) Seat height adjustment due to the person

Office chair height if not in line with the time, for the lumbar spine and pelvis will be affected, adjust the height of the office chair can grasp a few principles: the natural extension of the spine, the body, and thighs (at the hip joint) showing 90-95 degrees, the knee joint at slightly more than 90 degrees, to avoid less than 90 degrees and affect the knee blood circulation, to help sit stable, feet flat on the ground (ankle 90 degrees).

How to buy the right office chair?

In addition to adjusting the correct sitting posture, the selection of a suitable office chair is also very important, it is recommended that the purchase can be started by the following points.

(1) the back of the chair to have a sense of support

Sitting in the seat full, the back of the chair to just fit in the waist concave if it is too high or too low, a long time down easy to leave the foci of back pain. And everyone's body shape is not the same, the state of the spine or back muscle tension is also different, of course, there are also suitable for the back curve of the chair, if the office for the unified purchase of computer chairs/office chairs, it is recommended to choose the adjustable lumbar style, according to the state of each person to make adjustments.

In addition, if you choose to have a headrest office chair model, the headrest position needs to be complete to support the neck, it is not easy to produce the problem of a stiff neck.

(2) the natural arm hanging work posture/office chair armrests to be able to adjust

Long hours in front of the computer office, the most taboo elbows hanging in the air, it is recommended that the height of the armrests of office chairs to choose adjustable, so that the elbows can be the same height as the keyboard frame, so that the elbows can be on both sides of the body, the shoulders naturally relaxed so that there is no shrugging or tight phenomenon.

(3) no pressure sitting/cushion to be stable enough

With a comfortable, durable, and sit-up a sense of stability of the office chair, to allow the smooth implementation of the work, it is recommended that through a personal trial, to feel the degree of support of the cushion.

Today's staff office chairs and computer chairs usually have foam cushions or mesh cushions of two kinds, one formed foam support better, while the mesh cushions are suitable for the more concerned about the heat of the ride, and the depth of the chair cushion should not be too shallow, you need to be able to make the knee fossa natural in line with the front edge of the cushion, so as not to cause the leg burden.

(4) Functionality and details

A good office chair, its mechanism, chair feet, chair wheels, edge, and other parts of the parts are safe and stable and do not hurt, the seat height adjustment, tilt operation, elasticity adjustment, etc. should be safe and smooth.

Sitting and playing computer will make the body discomfort, in addition to selecting the right desk, or office chair, or planning a moderate break, get up and stretch the body to avoid sedentary disease.

Selection of office chairs, it is recommended that you must try to sit, and through a reliable, with good follow-up service manufacturers to purchase, finding the right chair is the first step to a healthy office.

What kind of office chair is suitable for fixed desks? How is it different from an ergonomic chair?